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China steel new material Technology Corp. Ltd. is founded in 2001,which is one of China top 10 steel structure brands and main business is steel structure products series’ production,sales and service.

Our company is making its mission to help industry’s development,and creating national brand as target.At the same time,it mainly doing green steel structure and extending to environmental construction materials and buildings,which is taking Xiamen,Fujian as based,radiating nationwide and worldwide,committing to bring customer well-suited products,bringing win-win cooperation with partners,and leading industry to the normative road.

Company development history:

2001 Project startup

Entered into China Steel structure industry,developed Xiamen market,used 3 years to be Xiamen NO.1

2004 Open branch

Entered and garrison in Zhangzhou,developed 200 Mu production base,and used 2years to be Zhangzhou NO.1 steel structure enterprise

2007 Template formed 

Adjusted production lines,permeated into Steel structure industrial chain,realized one-stop shopping rudiment

2010 Mode construction

Several branches were established,and set up import and export ways,achieved group operation mode with diversification in one

2013 Transformation and upgrading  

Used “Internet platform+”,combined online and offline,set up China steel shopping mall,and developed independent trade platform

2015 Started Listed stocks

In order to serve nationwide customers,integrated industrial resources,entered capital market,and started National Equities Exchange and Quotations

2016 Creation and Leading Innovation 

Opened steel structure new era