Bondeck Composite Steel Metal Decking For Concrete Deck Flooring

Product Details

Bondeck Composite Steel Metal Decking For Concrete Deck Flooring

Composite steel deck flooring product description:

Floor decking sheet is also called bondeck,metal decking sheets for concrete,which is one kind of products for high rise building and duplex structure and using with concrete.Floor decking sheet is roll formed by roll forming machine, mainly using galvanized steel, at thickness of 0.6 - 1.2mm; Simple shape with high rib and high strength. Put the panel above the welded wire net, fill cement between them.This product can make the work more efficient, can offer a plat form in a short time , safe and reliable, cost less in total, and shorten the construction period.

Product application:

This kind of bondeck sheet is usually used as the floor of high buildings, it can save steel mound and can also save the weight, in the same loading capacity, use this,and save the steel quantity, and thus save cost.The products are widely used in steel structure buildings, such as multi-layer and high-rise steel structure housing,power plants, exhibition centers, the airports, railway stations, sports stadiums, concert halls, theatres, large supermarkets, logistics centers and Olympic venues.

Product specification:

FinishCold rolled, Galvanized
Effective Width555/600/678/688/690/720/750/760/768/800/820/740/880/915/960/1025
Rib Height51/63/76/113/130mm
Features1)Appropriate designs and installation can be a safe working platform.

2)Easy to assemble and install, eliminate the disadvantages of 

traditional mould casting, and reduce construction time

3)Reduce concrete usage, tensile steel for composite slab construction 

that cuts down on slab thickness and dead weight of buildings.

4)Providing sustainable solution and cost effective.
5)Anti-seismic, fireproof.

Metal floor decking sheets are widely applied in construction industry,

especially in high rise buildings, power plant buildings, 

Mezzanine floors and warehouse,railway stations,sports stadiums,

concert halls,theatres, large supermarkets,logistics centers,

Olympic venues,etc.

Projects using our floor decking sheets:

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