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Founded in 2001, China Steel New Material is well-known as one of the top 10 steel structure brands in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our suppliers can offer you quality and stable quality floor decking sheets for high buildings at low price. Please be free to place an...

Product Details
Founded in 2001, China Steel New Material is well-known as one of the top 10 steel structure brands in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our suppliers can offer you quality and stable quality floor decking sheets for high buildings at low price. Please be free to place an order, we will offer you the best service and timely delivery.
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: YX48-200-600

  • Standard: GB, ASTM

  • Forming: Cold Drawn Steel

  • Member: Steel Column

  • Carbon Structural Steel: Q235&345

  • Application: Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House, Steel Walkway and Floor, High Rise Building,Duplex Structure

  • Effective Width(mm): 600

  • Pitch of Waves(mm): 200

  • Cross Sectional Moment of Inertia: 43.24~64.86cm3/M

  • Usage: Floor Decking/Support

  • Transport Package: Seaworthy Packing Standard

  • Origin: Xiamen, China

  • Type: Light Section Steel

  • Trademark: Quality Carbon Structural Steel and Alloy Structural Steel, SXGG

  • Connection Form: Rivet Connection

  • Type of Steel For Building Structure: High-Strength Steel

  • Residential Wall Structure: Wall Stud

  • Thickness(mm): 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.5

  • Height(mm): 48

  • Feeding Width(mm): 1150

  • Length(M): Max 5.8m for 20gp;Max 11.8m for 40gp/Hq

  • Zinc Coating(G/M2): 60-275

  • Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 72104900

  • Product Description
  • Product Destription:
    Floor decking steel sheet is roll formed by roll forming machine, mainly using galvanized steel, at thickness of 0.6 - 1.2mm; Simple shape with high rib and high strength. Put the panel above the welded wire net, fill cement between them.
    The galvanized steel flooring decking sheet is corrugated by the forming machine, the stucco design in the face just let the floor decking sheet stick very strongly into the concrete, with the strong rib , make it can weight heavily.
    the floor decking sheet make the work more efficient, can offer a plat form in a short time , safe and reliable, cost less in total, and shorten the construction period.
    Product Specification:
    Pls check the specification above in product photos.
    Main features
    1. Light in weight, high intensity, huge loading capacity as well as good anti-earthquake capability;
    2. Simple in construction operation, easy to assemble;
    3. Take the place of conventional templates and eliminate the disadvantage of the traditional one;
    4. Act as a part of the whole structure, to reduce the cost of material;
    5. Easy to reinforcement, wiring, piping etc.
    (2)high strengthen
    (3)large stiffness
    (4)fast construction and convenient
    (5)easy to update
    It is convenient to industry product compound floor structure requirement
    (1) Compound floor panel corrugate steel panel adopt galvanized steel panel, whose zinc thickness satisfied not rust and broken in lifetime.
    (2)The wave trough of pouring concrete average wide not small than 50mm.when set peg connectors in groove, compound floor panel whole height not large than 80mm.
    (3)Compound floor panel thickness not small than 90mm,the thickness of concrete above the concrete not small than 50mm.
    (4)Anchors requirement: compound terminal set peg anchors. peg should set in concave of corrugate, penetrate corrugate and weld the peg and steel panel to steel beam.
    (5)Corrugate panel in compound panel support length not small than 50mm.not small than 75mm on brickwork. Compound panel function: save quantity of temporary template, no need to all or part of template support, reduce the quantity of concrete. Reduce the loads of the structure, with more important significance to high construction and earthquake areas, save lots of working in delivering, piling up ,installment, reduce work, which is convenient to put wire pipe such as communication, electricity, heating and so on, and can lay heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation materials, changed floor functions, showing enough steel tensile strength and ductility and concrete of anti pressure and large stiffness.
    Excellent performance of steel bearing plate
    1.It saves a lot of temporary template. Save all or part of the template support
    2.Save a lot of labor in transportation, stacking and installation.
    3.Easy to lay the communication, electric power, heating and other pipelines, and can be paved insulation, noise, insulation, vibration isolation and other materials.
    4.Give full play to the good tensile strength and ductility of the steel and the concrete compressive strength and large stiffness.
    5.To be used as a tensile reinforcement to reduce the production and installation of steel bars
    6.Provide various types of work platform, to achieve three-dimensional work. To speed up the progress, shorten the construction period

    Closed floor plate characteristics
    1, strong concrete grip wrapped: shear specially designed closed rib and the web is buckled, steel bearing between the concrete slab and excellent gripping, composite floors in its limit allowed design load condition under, does not produce steel deck and concrete slippage phenomenon.
    2.The centroid of the advantages of composite floor slab section: closed type floor deck very close to the bottom plate, than the other plate of composite slabs with greater floor height, provides stronger positive moment resisting moment;
    3.Excellent refractory properties: closed type building bearing plate closed rib of special design, make steel bearing plate rib is completely concrete wrapped support, which is tantamount to cast-in-place concrete slab reinforced, the actual two hours fire resistance tests validate
    4.Bottom plate card slot type suspension system: AMJ closed for floor deck, bottom rib grooves provided in a a simple construction, economy, and permanent use of two pieces of suspension parts, smallpox, water supply pipe, air-conditioning pipe, and other plate at the bottom of the mechanical and electrical equipment installation. Construction, do not need drilling, welding, or hammer, but also in the service life of the building, you need to be allowed to move, remove, or re install;
    5.Construction is simple, rapid, closed for floor deck closed rib, the end can don't need any plug, in the pouring of concrete set will not produce leakage pulp, save installation plug from the tedious work and relationship with steel bearing plate of the construction period.
    6.Flat bottom plate appearance: closed floor type bottom of socket a flat plate plate, collocation 170mm (254 mm) spacing of the small gap, and now the slab bottom board processing in the same manner as, scraping putty to spray, or directly paste ceiling mural cloth, wallpaper can can do not need to in the ceiling on the bottom of the slabs and treatment to than cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab is more economic, convenient and complete also more beautiful.

    Product Application:
    This panel is usually used as the floor of high buildings, it can save steel mound and can also save the weight, in the same loading capacity, use this panel, and savethe steel quantity, and thus save cost.The products are widely used in steel structure buildings, such as multi-layer and high-rise steel structure housing,power plants, exhibition centers, the airports, railway stations, sports stadiums, concert halls, theatres, large supermarkets, logistics centers and Olympic venues.

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