Composite Decking Sheets

Composite decking sheets 1.Product introduction: Reinforced truss floor slab belongs to a kind of unsupported pressure type composite deck slab. The steel truss is stereotyped processing in the backstage processing field. The on-site construction needs to put the truss floor slab to the correct...

Product Details

Composite decking sheets

1.Product introduction:


Reinforced truss floor slab belongs to a kind of unsupported pressure type composite deck slab. The steel truss is stereotyped processing in the backstage processing field. The on-site construction needs to put the truss floor slab to the correct position, weld and make steel bar, and then weld Pegs, and then placed steel truss for banding, concrete pouring after acceptance.

Main installation process:stud welder, dry marble saw blade, hand wheel grinding wheel, other small welder, air plasma arc cutting machine, sheet metal scissors, etc.

2.Decking Slab Development Process:


Composite decking sheet is floor decking sheet which replaces all or part of the force steel bar and work together with concrete in the service stage, while steel sheet of steel bar truss girder does not participate in bearing structure load, it's non-composite sheet.

3.Product specifications:

Model NO.Height(mm)Dia of Top Bar,Cross Bar and Botton Bar(mm)Steel Sheet Thickness
Effective Width  (mm)Floor Thickness (mm)Max. Span
Simple Span        (m)Continuous Span                (m)
TD1-70708,4,60.55661001.9 1.8 
TD1-80801102.0 2.0 
TD1-90901202.1 2.0 
TD1-1001001302.1 2.0 
TD1-1101108,4.5,61402.2 2.2 
TD1-1201201502.2 2.2 
TD2-70708,4,80.55661001.9 2.6 
TD2-80808,4.5,81102.0 2.6 
TD2-90901202.1 2.8 
TD2-1001001302.1 2.8 
TD2-1101101402.2 3.0 
TD2-1201208,5,81502.2 3.0 
TD2-1301301602.3 3.0 
TD2-1401401702.3 3.2 
TD2-1501501802.3 3.2 
TD2-1601608,5.5,81902.3 3.2 
TD2-1701702002.4 3.2 
TD3-707010,4.5,80.55661002.6 3.2 
TD3-80801102.8 3.2 
TD3-90901203.0 3.4 
TD3-1001001303.2 3.4 
TD3-11011010,5,81403.4 3.6 
TD3-1201201503.4 3.6 
TD3-1301301603.6 4.0 
TD3-14014010,5.5,81703.7 4.0 
TD3-1501501803.8 4.0 
TD3-1601601903.8 4.0 
TD3-17017010,6,82003.9 4.2 

TD4-707010,4.5,100.55661002.7 3.2 
TD4-80801102.9 3.4 
TD4-90901203.1 3.6 
TD4-10010010,5,101303.4 3.8 
TD4-1101101403.5 3.8 
TD4-1201201503.6 4.0 
TD4-1301301603.7 4.0 
TD4-14014010,5.5,101703.8 4.0 
TD4-1501501803.8 4.2 
TD4-1601601903.9 4.2 
TD4-17017010,6,102003.9 4.2 
TD4-18018010,6,102104.0 4.4 
TD4-1901902204.0 4.4 
TD4-20020010,6.5,102304.0 4.4 
TD4-2102102404.1 4.4 
TD4-2202202504.1 4.4 
TD4-23023010,7,102604.1 4.6 
TD4-2402402704.1 4.6 
TD4-25025010,7.5,102804.2 4.6 
TD4-2602602904.2 4.6 
TD4-2702703004.2 4.6 
TD5-707012,4.5,80.55661002.7 3.0 
TD5-80801102.9 3.4 
TD5-90901203.2 3.4 
TD5-1001001303.4 3.4 
TD5-11011012,5,81403.6 3.6 
TD5-1201201503.6 3.6 
TD5-1301301603.8 3.6 
TD5-14014012,5.5,81703.8 3.8 
TD5-1501501804.0 3.8 
TD5-16016012,6,81904.0 4.0 
TD5-1701702004.2 4.2 
TD6-707012,4.5,100.55661002.9 3.8 
TD6-80801103.1 4.0 
TD6-909012,5,101203.4 4.2 
TD6-1001001303.6 4.4 
TD6-1101101403.7 4.6 
TD6-12012012,5.5,101503.8 4.8 
TD6-1301301604.0 4.8 
TD6-1401401704.1 5.0 
TD6-15015012,6,101804.2 5.0 
TD6-1601601904.3 5.2 
TD6-1701702004.4 5.2 

TD6-18018012,6.5,100.55662104.5 5.2 
TD6-1901902204.6 5.4 
TD6-2002002304.6 5.4 
TD6-21021012,7,102404.8 5.4 
TD6-2202202504.8 5.4 
TD6-2302302604.9 5.4 
TD6-24024012,7.5,102705.0 5.6 
TD6-2502502805.0 5.6 
TD6-26026012,8,102905.0 5.6 
TD6-2702703005.2 5.6 
TD7-707012,4.5,120.55661003.0 3.8 
TD7-80801103.2 4.0 
TD7-909012,5,121203.5 4.2 
TD7-1001001303.7 4.4 
TD7-1101101403.8 4.6 
TD7-12012012,5.5,121504.0 4.8 
TD7-1301301604.1 4.8 
TD7-1401401704.2 5.0 
TD7-15015012,6,121804.4 5.0 
TD7-1601601904.4 5.2 
TD7-1701702004.6 5.2 
TD7-18018012,6.5,122104.6 5.2 
TD7-1901902204.8 5.4 
TD7-2002002304.8 5.4 
TD7-21021012,7,122404.9 5.4 
TD7-2202202505.0 5.4 
TD7-2302302605.1 5.6 
TD7-24024012,7.5,122705.2 5.6 
TD7-2502502805.2 5.6 
TD7-26026012,8,122905.3 5.6 
TD7-2702703005.4 5.6 

4.Product installation steps:


5.Product advantages&features:

1,Composite decking sheet is rational, can be regarded as two-way plates, and it is able to regulate

 the truss height and reinforcement diameter to become applicable for floor with large span.

2,The mechanical property is basically same as traditional concrete slab and anti-cracking ability is 

far more better.

3,Steel bar truss decking is totally wrapped by concrete, the fire retardant property is similar to that of traditional concrete slab,but it's superior to that of profiled steel sheet composite floor.

4,The material selection is economical, and able to change the purpose of profiled steel sheets;

5,It is rapid for construction and is unnecessary fort the complicated construction procedures,which could reduce 60-70% labor.

6,The two-way rigidity of floor is similar and this is favorable for earthquake resistance of buildings.

7,It has multiple templates available for the customer's choice.

6.Product application:

Composite decking sheet is widely used in multi-layer(Duplex structure) factories,warehouses and high-rise steel structure building,for example,exhibition hall,railway stations,gym stadiums,theatres,logistics centers and Olympic venues,etc.

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