Composite Floor Decking For High Rise Buildings

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Product Details
Founded in 2001, China Steel New Material is well-known as one of the top 10 steel structure brands in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our suppliers can offer you quality and stable composite floor decking for high rise buildings at low price. Please be free to place an order, we will offer you the best service and timely delivery.
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: TD3-90

  • Standard: GB, ASTM

  • Forming: Cold Drawn Steel

  • Member: Steel Column

  • Carbon Structural Steel: Q235/345

  • Application: Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House, Frame Part, Steel Walkway and Floor, Steel Structure Bridge, Duplex Structure of Houses,High Rise Building

  • Length: Max 5.8m for 20gp;Max 11.8m for 40gp/Hq

  • Depth of Truss(Ht): 70-270mm

  • Steel Plate Thickness: 0.5-0.8mm,Max1.0mm

  • Top and Bottom: 6-12mm

  • Transport Package: Seaworthy Packing Standards

  • Origin: Xiamen, China

  • Type: Light Section Steel

  • Trademark: Quality Carbon Structural Steel and Alloy Structural Steel, SXGG

  • Connection Form: Rivet Connection

  • Type of Steel For Building Structure: High-Strength Steel

  • Residential Wall Structure: Wall Stud

  • Steel Plate Width: 576/600mm

  • Floor Thickness(H): 100-300mm

  • Concreting Protective Layer Thickness: 15mm(up and Down Layer)

  • Zinc Coating: 60-275G/M2

  • Distributing Bar Diameter: 4-10mm

  • Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 72104100

Product Description
What's steel bar truss decking sheets?
The steel bar truss deck is a kind of built-up plate which consists of the steel bar truss and the zinc coating profiled steel sheet.
Steel bars are made into the steel truss and then welded onto the zinc coating steel sheet. Because the deck can bare the construction load, it can be directly put on girders. After the simple rebar-tying work, workers can directly pour concrete on the truss deck. The application of the steel bar truss deck greatly reduces the workload of mould putting and teardown. In a word, it can help increase the work efficiency and advance the project period.
Product Advantage:
1, Steel bars are evenly arranged and the bearing mode is reasonable, which greatly reduces the engineering quantity  of temporary support.
2, The double edgefold design can effectively ensure the quality of the engineering.
3, It can shorten the time by reducing 60% to 70% work load of binding steel bars.
4, It has the same mechanical properties and fire resistance as that of traditional cast-in-place floors. Because  the bottom mould does not join in the load-baring, it is unnecessary to consider fire proof and anticorrosion.
Product Specification:
Model NO.Height(mm)Dia of Top Bar,Cross Bar and Botton Bar(mm)Steel Sheet Thickness
Effective Width  (mm)Floor Thickness (mm)Max. Span
Simple Span        (m)Continuous Span                (m)
TD1-70708,4,60.55661001.9 1.8 
TD1-80801102.0 2.0 
TD1-90901202.1 2.0 
TD1-1001001302.1 2.0 
TD1-1101108,4.5,61402.2 2.2 
TD1-1201201502.2 2.2 
TD2-70708,4,80.55661001.9 2.6 
TD2-80808,4.5,81102.0 2.6 
TD2-90901202.1 2.8 
TD2-1001001302.1 2.8 
TD2-1101101402.2 3.0 
TD2-1201208,5,81502.2 3.0 
TD2-1301301602.3 3.0 
TD2-1401401702.3 3.2 
TD2-1501501802.3 3.2 
TD2-1601608,5.5,81902.3 3.2 
TD2-1701702002.4 3.2 
TD3-707010,4.5,80.55661002.6 3.2 
TD3-80801102.8 3.2 
TD3-90901203.0 3.4 
TD3-1001001303.2 3.4 
TD3-11011010,5,81403.4 3.6 
TD3-1201201503.4 3.6 
TD3-1301301603.6 4.0 
TD3-14014010,5.5,81703.7 4.0 
TD3-1501501803.8 4.0 
TD3-1601601903.8 4.0 
TD3-17017010,6,82003.9 4.2 
TD4-707010,4.5,100.55661002.7 3.2 
TD4-80801102.9 3.4 
TD4-90901203.1 3.6 
TD4-10010010,5,101303.4 3.8 
TD4-1101101403.5 3.8 
TD4-1201201503.6 4.0 
TD4-1301301603.7 4.0 
TD4-14014010,5.5,101703.8 4.0 
TD4-1501501803.8 4.2 
TD4-1601601903.9 4.2 
TD4-17017010,6,102003.9 4.2 
TD4-18018010,6,102104.0 4.4 
TD4-1901902204.0 4.4 
TD4-20020010,6.5,102304.0 4.4 
TD4-2102102404.1 4.4 
TD4-2202202504.1 4.4 
TD4-23023010,7,102604.1 4.6 
TD4-2402402704.1 4.6 
TD4-25025010,7.5,102804.2 4.6 
TD4-2602602904.2 4.6 
TD4-2702703004.2 4.6 
TD5-707012,4.5,80.55661002.7 3.0 
TD5-80801102.9 3.4 
TD5-90901203.2 3.4 
TD5-1001001303.4 3.4 
TD5-11011012,5,81403.6 3.6 
TD5-1201201503.6 3.6 
TD5-1301301603.8 3.6 
TD5-14014012,5.5,81703.8 3.8 
TD5-1501501804.0 3.8 
TD5-16016012,6,81904.0 4.0 
TD5-1701702004.2 4.2 
TD6-707012,4.5,100.55661002.9 3.8 
TD6-80801103.1 4.0 
TD6-909012,5,101203.4 4.2 
TD6-1001001303.6 4.4 
TD6-1101101403.7 4.6 
TD6-12012012,5.5,101503.8 4.8 
TD6-1301301604.0 4.8 
TD6-1401401704.1 5.0 
TD6-15015012,6,101804.2 5.0 
TD6-1601601904.3 5.2 
TD6-1701702004.4 5.2 
TD6-18018012,6.5,100.55662104.5 5.2 
TD6-1901902204.6 5.4 
TD6-2002002304.6 5.4 
TD6-21021012,7,102404.8 5.4 
TD6-2202202504.8 5.4 
TD6-2302302604.9 5.4 
TD6-24024012,7.5,102705.0 5.6 
TD6-2502502805.0 5.6 
TD6-26026012,8,102905.0 5.6 
TD6-2702703005.2 5.6 
TD7-707012,4.5,120.55661003.0 3.8 
TD7-80801103.2 4.0 
TD7-909012,5,121203.5 4.2 
TD7-1001001303.7 4.4 
TD7-1101101403.8 4.6 
TD7-12012012,5.5,121504.0 4.8 
TD7-1301301604.1 4.8 
TD7-1401401704.2 5.0 
TD7-15015012,6,121804.4 5.0 
TD7-1601601904.4 5.2 
TD7-1701702004.6 5.2 
TD7-18018012,6.5,122104.6 5.2 
TD7-1901902204.8 5.4 
TD7-2002002304.8 5.4 
TD7-21021012,7,122404.9 5.4 
TD7-2202202505.0 5.4 
TD7-2302302605.1 5.6 
TD7-24024012,7.5,122705.2 5.6 
TD7-2502502805.2 5.6 
TD7-26026012,8,122905.3 5.6 
TD7-2702703005.4 5.6 
Our service&Support:
Xiamen Shengqian Imp.&Exp.CO.,LTD. is belong to Xiamen Shengqian group.Our group is one of the leading manufacturers of steel structure products in China,employing over 1,000 people across 8 production sites and 9 sales offices.The products are sold worldwide,such as USA,Latam,Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,etc.
Hereby,we can offer you the following services & supports:
1)Professional salesman standby for your inquiry;
2)One professional technical team can offer you best suggestions about drawing,installation,etc.