Fireproof Corrugated Galvanized Metal Deck Floor Panels And Steel Sheet Flooring Decking For Concrete

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Product Details

Fireproof Corrugated Galvanized Metal Deck Floor Panels And Steel Sheet Flooring Decking For Concrete

Product description:

Steel bar truss girder is composite of corrugated sheet and steel bar truss which replace wooden template to bear all the construction loads in the construction phase and participate in bearing structure load in the service stage. Composite corrugated metal deck Panels is floor deck which replace all or part of the force steel bar and work together with concrete in the service stage, while steel sheet of steel truss deck does not participate in bearing structure load, it's non-composite deck.

Product comparison with common decking sheet:

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Product common specification:

low price Corrugated metal panels

Production installation process:

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Production application:

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Projects using our products:

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Xiamen Southeast Shipping Building A&B

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Changsha Financial Building

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Guangzhou Financial Building

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