Corrugated Metal Sheet And Galvanized Steel Decking For Concrete Flooring Sheets Decoration

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Product Details

Corrugated Metal Sheet And Galvanized Steel Decking For Concrete Flooring Sheets Decoration

Galvanized Steel Decking Product description:

The steel bar truss deck is a kind of built-up plate which consists of the steel bar truss and the zinc coating profiled steel sheet,which is one new kind of bondeck sheet for floor support.

Steel bars are made into the steel truss and then welded onto the zinc coating steel sheet. Because the deck can bare the construction load, it can be directly put on girders. After the simple rebar-tying work, workers can directly pour concrete on the truss deck. The application of the steel bar truss deck greatly reduces the workload of mould putting and teardown. In a word, it can help increase the work efficiency and advance the project period.

Corrugated Metal Sheet Decking For Concrete Product advantage:

1,The truss mode of steel bar truss is rational, can be designed as two-way plate, and it is able to regulate the truss height and reinforcement diameter to become applicable for floor with large span;

2,The mechanical property is basically as the same as that traditional cast-in-situ concrete slab and the anti-cracking ability is nice;

3,The steel bar truss is totally wrapped by concrete, the fire retardant property is similar to that of traditional cast-in-situ concrete slab but is superior to that of profiled steel sheet composite Sheet flooring;

4,The bottom formwork dose not participates in the stress at the usage stage, and is unnecessary to consider the fire proof and antisepsis issues;

5,The material selection is economical, it is able to change the purpose of profiled steel sheets and use it as the framework of floor at construction stage only; the usage amount of profiled steel sheet can be reduced and the comprehensive construction cost is obviously superior;

6,It is rapid for construction and is unnecessary fort the complicated construction procedures including formwork-support, form removal and reinforcement assembling etc. reducing 60%-70% workload;

7,Steel bar array is even, the gap between upper and under reinforcement and the thickness of concrete protection layer is reliably ensured;

8,The two-way rigidity of floor is similar and this is favorable for earthquake resistance of buildings;

9,It has multiple templates available for the customer's choice.

Product specification:

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Production in factory:

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Our service:

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