Steel Lattice Girder For Sale

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Product Details
Founded in 2001, China Steel New Material is well-known as one of the top 10 steel structure brands in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our suppliers can offer you quality and stable steel lattice girder for sale at low price. Please be free to place an order, we will offer you the best service and timely delivery.
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: TD3-70

  • Standard: GB, ASTM

  • Forming: Hot-Rolled Steel

  • Member: Steeltruss

  • Carbon Structural Steel: Q235

  • Application: Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House, Structural Roofing, Frame Part, Steel Walkway and Floor, Steel Structure Bridge

  • Top Bar Diameter: From 5-12mm

  • Distributing Bar Diameter: From 4-10mm

  • Girder Height: From 100-150mm

  • Origin: Xiamen, China

  • Type: Reinforcing Steel Bar

  • Trademark: Carbon Structural Steel, Shengxin JKS

  • Connection Form: Bolt Connection

  • Type of Steel For Building Structure: Fire-Resistent Steel

  • Residential Wall Structure: Wall Support

  • Sheet Type: Td3-70

  • Bottom Bar Diameter: From 5-12mm

  • Girder Width: 100-150mm

  • Specification: SGS BV

  • HS Code: 72104900

Product Description
Lattice or Truss Girders are mainly used for the prefabrication of concrete planks, a medullar element in the Hallow Block floor Slab System 
for constructing concrete slabs. Truss Girders have a triangular shape,are electro-welded and have three deformed longitudinal bars (one upper and two lower).Lattice girder are joined by a smooth diagonal bar in a zig-zag pattern.
Anti-earthquake Construction Material Truss Decking Sheet is a composite of corrugated sheet and steel bar truss which replace wooden template to bear all the comstruction loads in the construction phase and participate in bearing structure load in the service stage. Composite deck is floor deck which replace all or part of the force steel bar and work together with concrete to in service stage, whilt steel sheet of steel truss deck does not participate in bearing structure load, it's non-composite deck.
The lattice girder type of design has been supplanted in modern construction with welded or bolted plate girders, which use more material but have lower fabrication and maintenance costs. The lattice girder was used prior to the development of larger rolled steel plates.
The term is also sometimes used to refer to a structural member commonly made using a combination of structural sections connected with diagonal lacing. This member is more correctly referred to as a laced strut or laced tie, as it normally resists axial compression(strut) or axial tension (tie); the lattice girder, like any girder, primarily resists bending.
The component sections may typically include metal beams, channel and angle sections, with the lacing elements either metal plate strips, or angle sections. The lacing elements are typically attached using either hot rivets or threaded locator bolts. As with lattice girders, laced struts and ties have generally been supplanted by hollow box sections, which are more economic with modern technology. In some case seismic retrofit modifications replace riveted lacing with plates bolted in place.
1. Top bar diameter : from 5-12mm
2. bottom bar diameter :from 5-12mm
3. Distributing bar diameter: from 4-10mm
4. bar length:from 3-11.8m
5. girder width:100-150mm
6. girder height: from 100-150mm
At present, multistory and tall building usually take profiled steel sheet with some ribs -concrete composite floor,which has the disadvantages of high thickness, reducing inner height of building, unflattering of under floor, lots of reinforcement binding, hard control of distances between ribs and thickness of concrete.
To solve these problems, we research and develop the Third Generation profiled steel products-Steel Truss Deck.
Overlap Width570mm
Maximum length11.8m
Top and bottom bar diameter6-12mm
Cross bar diameter4-8mm
Decking thicknessGalvanized steel sheet 0.5mm
Application areaMulti-layer buildings
Slab of reinforced concrete structures
Precast reinforced concrete floor
Irregular buildings(rounded, oval, and other shapes)
Large span structure
Lower board structure
Thick board structure
Leaning roof
Housing steel structure
AdvantagesEconomy: The mode of truss is reasonable with low price and has an obvious advantage in this area; Can be designed as double-sides deck.
Convenience: Shorten the project construction time; Reduce temporary support.
Security: Good performance of cracking resistance and fire resistance;
Reliability: good property to prevent earthquake.
Instead of normal concrete formwork and composite steel decking. our product has advantage as follows:
1)saving labor,time,cost. (easy assemble,reinforced bar be prefabricated )
2)better mechanical structure model.
3)no fire resistant and corruption maintain demand.(compare with steel deck)
widely applied in steel structure floor,roof,steel-concrete composite slab
1 Applied to precast slabs, pre-high-speed railway sleeper.
2 Used in many high-rise, ultra- high-rise steel buildings
3 Used for steel building, mezzanine floor of "LOFT"
4 The force applied to the complex, special-shaped structure, building
5 Used in-situ concrete structure(RC) buildings
6 Used in the construction of slope roof structure
Steel Lattice Girder for Sale
Steel Lattice Girder for Sale
Steel Lattice Girder for Sale
The truss girder can apply in low,mid,high rise buildings or villa house,workshop etc. We have a project use this material in Saudi Arabia,vietnam,and some ireland countries. Welcome to inquiry me!Best deal ever.