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Application Of EPS Color Steel Sandwich Panel And Fire Hazard

Oct 26, 2017

1. Application of EPS color steel sandwich panel

     Color steel sandwich panel is new type building materials in recent years, because of its light weight, high strength, heat insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, shockproof, electric insulation, heat resistant, cold resistant, solvent resistance and other physical properties, and the cost is low, construction is convenient wait for an advantage, is widely used in building, heat preservation, packaging, freezing, daily necessities, industrial casting etc, can also be used to display the venue, the cabinet goods, advertising signs and toys manufacturing. 

     Color steel sandwich panel, core material for EPS caigang sandwich board because of its low price, has a big advantage in market competition, in some economic less-developed areas or under the condition of not very strict with architectural level will have a large potential market.

     According to concerning sectional statistic, the EPS production has more than 1 million T in China, which is used for packing of about 50%, approximately 40000 T is a secondary sex fast-food containers, tableware, etc., so far no other materials can compete on price and function of comprehensive or replace it.

2. Fire risk of EPS color steel sandwich panel

2.1. Combustion performance of EPS

    EPS (foam) is short for the hair polystyrene board, which can be used to make foam products of different densities and shapes, and can produce various kinds of foam sheets of different thickness.     EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material, per cubic meters volume contains 3 million ~ 6 million independent airtight bubble, with the volume of air for more than 98%, due to air thermal conductivity is small, and sealed in plastic foam and cannot be convection, so the EPS is a kind of heat insulation performance is very good material.

(1) the combustion process of EPS. As a widely used plastic, EPS includes a series of complex physical and chemical changes.

    The combustion process of plastic can be divided into three stages: heat, decomposition and ignition. And the combustion of EPS follows the process above. When heated to a certain temperature began to soften the blister, thick black smoke from, granular, orange flames of fire, leaving the fire continues to burn and smoke and molten drop, after burning ash is dark grey.

(2) combustion characteristics of EPS. EPS is an organic hydrocarbon containing residual petroleum gas, so general EPS is a flammable item. Spontaneous combustion and ignition temperature is 495 ℃ and 370 ℃ respectively. The normal EPS foam that is not treated with flame retardant is classified as "flammable", which burns in the fire, and the flame quickly spreads to the whole surface. The combustion characteristics are as follows: the heat is high. The burning heat of EPS is 40180kJ/kg, which is greater than the heat of wood. The temperature of the flame is high. EPS flame temperature is 22 l0 ℃. The burning rate is fast. The burning rate of polystyrene is 12. 7 ~ 63. 5mm/min, the EPS combustion rate of different foaming multiples is different, far higher than the combustion rate of polystyrene. The amount of smoke and toxicity is large. The majority of EPS is incomplete combustion, producing a lot of smoke, can produce carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide) and other harmful gases.

2.2 other situations in which EPS increases the risk of fire

(1) the fire may spread in the other direction from the EPS hidden in the double-layer colored steel plate without being detected.

(2)EPS color steel sandwich panels themselves can greatly increase the fire load of buildings. According to relevant information, the sandwich board is commonly used for 0. The fire load caused by the 05m thick foam core can increase the fire load of the whole building by 9% ~ 30%. In some need extensive use of combustible materials sandwich board reinforced insulation building, such as cold storage of food industry, fire load of sandwich board itself may even be caused the fire load of building other items 1. 5 times.

2.3. The threat of EPS colored steel sandwich panel to the trapped and rescue personnel in the fire field.

(1) the toxic gas produced by combustion, such as CO, is a threat to the evacuation or rescue personnel within the building. CO is the main reason of causing death in the fire, CO through the lungs to be absorbed by the blood, because the hemoglobin affinity of CO is greater than the affinity of O, thus reduce oxygen levels in the blood causing enough oxygen, easy to make the present personnel was poisoned.

(2) the black smoke produced by combustion, which weakens the visibility of the fire field, causes a great inconvenience to the visual perception of the personnel, and even directly affects the development of the escape and rescue work.

(3)EPS color steel sandwich panel has a low level of fire resistance and easy to collapse, posing a serious threat to the life safety of the personnel present.

(4)EPS color steel sandwich panels are not easy to be dismantled, and it is very inconvenient to investigate and rescue the fire field after collapse, and investigate the cause of the fire.

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