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Cleaning Plate For Medical Treatment And Public Health

Mar 27, 2017

With the development of economy and higher requirements for medical level,medical purification plates become widely used in medical area.Purification plates is also known as clean board,which is made up of color coated steel sheets or stainless steel plates as the surface material,and rock wool, glass wool, cotton, EPS,paper honeycomb,polyurethane as core material.With these materials and under manual process or mechanism into composite panels. Because its unique dust-proof, antistatic, antibacterial effects,this kind of panels can be widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biological, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and research on the indoor environment purification of demanding engineering field.

Medical purification engineering is usually divided into design,construction and management,which is including empty state,static state and dynamic state,the environment is also combined the risk assessment,the concept and process of production certification.Under such circumstances,companies who take medical purification engineering need to be very professional and high technical force.

The features of cleaning plates:

1)The panel surface is very smooth and clean;

2)Good heat insulation;

3)High earthquake and fire prevention;

4)Save time and labor for geometry size accurate;

5)Easy and convenient installation.

China steel new material company has  professional experience and high technical force to support you in medical purification engineering.

1)We have higher technical adaptability and flexibility;

2)More solid technical strength, to reduce risk;

3)More professional construction team, the project cost is reasonable.