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Company Annual Report Meeting:2016 Summary & 2017 Plan

Jan 22, 2017

To summary passed 2016 and plan new 2017,the annual meeting was hold on headquarters of China steel new material company on 21st,Jan,2017.

To know what happened in the past and plan what to do in the future,which is always the power for our people to keep the original dream and moving.So our president Mr. Yang Peishun made one wonderful speech about our past,present and future,which summaried our success and lose in passed 2016 and expected us can achieve more in new 2017.Mainly it's for the plan of 2017,and pointed out various indexes for every department of our company.

Our President Mr. Yang Peishun was making speech.

Our Board Secretary Mr. Xie Shuilong was making speech about company culture and hosted the meeting.

"With mind together,operate and win together" is the main company culture of China steel new material company.In 2017,we will keep all-round promotion for our enterprise and brand,in order to build the culture base of realizing shared economy.

Our General manager Mr. Xiao Mingtu was making speech.

Our general manager systematically analysed and all-round summaried all the achievement of every departments and pointed out some problems in 2016,and focus the plan of 2017.Hope everyone could work together and achieve the targets.

Then every departments made their annual reports,in order to summary the work in passed 2016,and report steps for realizing targets in new 2017.

People from Sales department were making speech.

People from Operation department were making speech.

People from Factory were making speech.

People from Financial department were making speech.

People from Administrative department was making speech.

☆Appointment ceremony

General manager appointment

Vice general manager& Chief inspector of Sales department appointment

Board Secretary appointment

Chief inspector of every department appointment

☆Oath-taking ceremony

Oath-taking of Sales department

Oath-taking of Operation department

Oath-taking of Financial department

Oath-taking of Factory

☆Meeting interaction

☆Team games

"New height,new journey",we are ready.All the people in China steel new material company will do their best in coming 2017.