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Declaration Of Working Start:Hard Working,New Challenge

Feb 04, 2017

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring.

Spring stands for warmth and bloom.

Spring stands for growth,sowing and seeding.

Spring is the beginning of life.


After Chinese new year holidays,time to say goodbye to past self.

To start long journey better,we need to show brand new self.

The holidays' atmosphere has not been ended yet,

our new journey is started.

Wish all the people of China steel new material company,

can live up to life,dreams and dare to think and do what they can.

The eighth day the first lunar month(2017/02/14),

China steel new material company start working today.

To cross new height and start new journey.

2017,China steel new material company wish everyone has a wonderful beginning and achieve progress.

We will always do our best and offer best service.