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Here,we Have Your Work Position

Feb 17, 2017


China Steel New Material Technology Crop. Ltd,. is One of the National Steel Structure Construction Area Advanced Suppliers.Our company main business is green new type construction material,which is steel bars truss decking sheets series’ products and service,which is covering over 20 cities in China,and our brand is among China top three.The product is widely used in high-rised buildings,municipal engineering,steel structure factories and light weigt steel villas,etc.

Now we need you,who has dreams and want to work together with us~

To inspire dreams and start sailing.

What's the meaning of good job?

Having money and time,or just liking the job,or having money and prospect....

"Pragmatic,simple,creative,valuable" is the main enterprise culture of China Steel Material Company.And"Relax,happy,profiteer" is our team target.So no matter you are purchasing happiness or achievability,you can't live without relaxed work and happy life.

If this is what you want...

Work satisfaction,then come to us.Here we can go on postive way together and grow up together.

If this is your direction...

What kind of happiness will be last long?The answer is creating and outputing.

Here,someone found changing courage,someone find happy life,and someone find life direction....

If you want your life has one brillient new start,and come to magnificent ending,the following working position is the sally port.


We can offer you the following welfare:

1、Good diversity training;
2、Colorful activities;
3、Wide career development prospects;
4、Fair,happy and full of opportunities' working environment;
5、Competitive compensation in return;
6、Stock option incentives of listed companies.


We are here waiting for you~


ADD:11th Floor 2# Building No.2362 Fangzhong Road,Xiamen,China