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Landmark Products In Floor Decking Sheets:M Type Steel Bar Truss Composited Decking Sheets

Mar 21, 2017

In domestic market,floor decking sheets have more than 30 years' history,which is also called corrugated steel sheets,decking sheets,steel floor decking.Just as its name implies,floor decking sheets is to support the floor concrete.Floor decking sheets iteration is from opened type floor decking sheets to closed type floor decking sheets,then steel bar truss composited decking sheets.

Composite decking sheet is floor decking sheet which replaces all or part of the force steel bar and work together with concrete in the service stage, while steel sheet of steel bar truss girder does not participate in bearing structure load, it's non-composite sheet.

China steel new material company is very professional with the steel bar truss composited decking sheets,this kind of decking sheets are very economical,convenient and safe,which is widely used in high rise buildings,municipal engineering and steel structure factory,light weight steel villas,etc.At the same time,we also develop new kind of decking sheets,it's M type double flanged and vertical rib steel bar truss composited decking sheets,this one could be better quality and high-efficiency and it is our company landmark products.



Compling with building energy conservation policy,standing at IPO company new height,China steel new material company will try all our best to do what we are professional,and offer the best service for our customers.