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Sandwich Board Wall Panels Delivery And Stacking

Nov 03, 2017

Sandwich board wall panels Transport requirements:

Loading of rock wool sandwich panels.jpg

1)The means of conveyance used for sandwich panels, except for the carriage of motor vehicles in bulk, shall be boxed or baled using other means of transportation.To avoid fire,water and pressure or mechanical damage is very important,during transportation;

2)When sandwich board wall panels sent by bulk,we need to cosider plate length classification, angle iron edge, to prevent deformation of the metal surface.Whether bulk or boxed, sandwich panels should be padded polystyrene film or kraft paper to prevent the metal surface is worn or divided;

3) After the shipment arrived at the scene,goods must be inspected,there should be inspection records and deposited in accordance with the construction sequence.With mat will be high, even spacing, not more than 2m. Code height should not exceed 1.5m, easy to pick up the construction.

Stacking requirements:

To stack sandwich board wall panels on the site,the environment should be fireproof and waterproof.Transportation should be away from heat and water,which will make panels on-site safety.Especially rock or mineral wool sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel must have rain-proof measures.