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Steel Tile Roofing Sheets Installation

Dec 26, 2017

Steel tile roofing sheets installation

1, First of all,carry out the construction pay-off this procedure, the use of professional equipment, the entire project will be used to control the line hanging line, after completing a program, you must hand related checks to ensure correct. If you find the phenomenon of error, timely adjustment, as far as possible to achieve the situation of less cut.

2, Steel tile roofing sheets process,to know this part of the Caigang glazed tile installation process, be considered more important. Before carrying out the roof tiling, be sure to clean the site thoroughly. In order to make Caigang glazed tile installation to achieve a solid, flat purpose.


3, The adhesive layer of the construction phase, this one must be a professional person to operate, to avoid the larger error of the situation.

4, Steel tile roofing sheets and related parts of the construction, no matter which process is installed Caigang glazed tile, professionals need to be cautious. During roof ridge tile construction, remember to connect the main tile well to the roof tile. In order to avoid the invasion of rain.

5, After installing the glazed tile on the roof, you need to send someone to clean the surface of each tile. As Caigang glazed tile and the general wit is not the same tile, we recommend to use cotton to clean, it is more conducive to maintaining the brightness and color of Caigang glazed tile.