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The Advantages And Application Of Polyurethane Cold Room Sandwich Panels

Apr 24, 2017

Polyurethane cold room sandwich panels,which is used in cold room heat installation,it's also chosen as construction wall panels for environment with large temperature difference.

Polyurethane cold room sandwich panels,are usually using color steel sheets,stainless steel sheets,pvc,etc material as the surface material.As the main cold room material,PU cold room panels have main advantages as follows:

1)Improve cold room working efficiency:

Steel plate combined with hard foam polyurethane core material,the plate could stop the temperature spread,when there is large temperature difference between inside and outside.In this way,the panel could save energy for cold room and improve cold room working efficiency.

2)Heat preservation,frost thawing resistance,Good sound absorption:

The poriness structure of polyurethane material is very stable,basically it's obturator structure.No only it makes good heat preservation,but also keep good frost thawing resistance and sound absorption.

3)Stop the spread of fire:

Comparing to other cold room hear preservation material,there is fire retardant adding in polyurethane foaming process,and this made the polyurethane material flame retardant and extinguish.When the polyurethane is burning,there will be ashes on the foam surface,and the ashes will insulate the foam under it.Also it will prevent the fire from spreading to other places.

4)No noxious gas,when high temperature:

Polyurethane won't have noxious gas,when high temperature,so there won't be harmful for human health.

5)Long lifetime:

Polyurethane cold room sandwich panel has high bonding degree,strong resistance against disorder,not liable to crack,high level safety,which make sure hard foaming polyurethane panels structure's average lifetime could last over 30years,under the condition of normal use and maintenance.

So polyurethane cold room panels could be widely used for building external wall system,and are one best steel structure construction enclosure material.