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The Application And Notes Of Steel Bar Truss Composite Decking Sheet

Apr 21, 2017

Steel bar truss girder is the combination of steel bars and galvanized sheets,which is one composite decking sheet.In the use-phase,steel bar truss floor decking sheets is working together with concrete,and bear the loading capacity.

As the third generation of steel decking sheets,besides the advantage of previous floor decking sheets,it also has advanced technology and good performance on fast installation,anti-seismic,fireproof and anticorrosion.At the same time,there are many advantages,like stable quality,safety,neat panels,aesthetic environmental protection,economical material,low comprehensive cost,and rich panel type,etc.

Product advantages:

1,Reliable fire resistance:

All the steel bars are covered by concrete,the fire resistance is the same as common floor decking sheets.The experimental results show that if the floor thickness is 100mm(truss height is 70mm),the fireproof hour limit is 1.68h.

2,No need preservative treatment:

The steel bar truss floor decking sheets used galvanized steel sheet,which is having anticorrosion function,but the bottom piece doesn't instead of steel bars' effects,so no need to do preservative treatment.

3,Easy and convenient installation:

This composite floor decking sheets is light weight,which make the installation very easy and convenient.This one could save a lot of labor force and improve the installation condition.

4,Save electric energy:

The bottom piece of steel girder is only 0.5mm thick,it greatly reduces power consumption,when welding the studs at site.

5,Benefit to environmental protection:

When construction reach the design strength,the steel plate on bottom could be dismantled and recycled.It could satisfied the residential steel structure floor slab bottom look and feel,also benefit to environmental protection.

Product application:

1,Applied to precast slabs, pre-high-speed railway sleeper

2,Used in many high-rise, multi-storey steel buildings

3,Used for steel building, mezzanine floor of “LOFT”

4,The force applied to the complex, special-shaped structure, building

5,Used in-situ concrete structure(RC) buildings

6,Used in the construction of slope roof structure

M型钢筋桁架楼承板 (2).jpg

What security measures do we need to pay attention to,when steel girder construction at site?

When lifting,there should not be any people walking under the steel girders;

When the floor is under construction with steel girder,people walking down is forbidden.Especially at the place where need use fire to cut the plate.So before the construction,we need to examine the peripheral,in order to avoid fire danger.Also it needs to prepare the fire extinguishing installation and people to check.

Steel bar truss template must be laid with opened the package with the shop, electric welding must be laid and fixed.Prohibited without a fixed and ragtime for steel truss template for temporary laid, if the project has irregular edges sharp template, pay attention to safety.

Not fixation or not according to the design requirements must not be in a temporary support on the template sheet steel truss of walking.Walk not trample on the die in the bottom of a galvanized steel sheet, prevent the solder joint release and accidents.

Steel bar truss template laid should be closed in time after the mouth of the cave, guardrail and obvious signs.

Has been laid, but not on the casting of reinforced concrete truss template should avoid excessive concentrated load, construction uniformly distributed load is not greater than 1.5 KN/m2, or construction concentrated load is not greater than 2.5 KN/m.

Water and electricity installation of pipeline iron wire connector, can be welding on the steel truss of CHS truss template, shall not be welded on the reinforced.

Concrete pouring process, should comply with the national standard "concrete engineering construction quality acceptance specification" GB50204 in relevant regulations.And pay attention to at any time will be concrete, it is strictly prohibited to concrete pile up too high, stacking height can't more than two times the height of floor.