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Three Main Factors Effects On Steel Structure Factory Cost

Apr 18, 2017


Because of the beauty of steel structure factory,short construction period,high industrialization degree and resource recovery advantages,etc,this is doomed that steel structure factory has strong construction market share.So the cost of steel structure factory is always being concerned by many people.Then control the cost of steel strucure factory and steel structure technological superiority becomes many steel structure companies' key study object.The three main factors effects on steel structure factory cost is as following:

A,Raw material factor:

Rolled steel and sheet material is the main struture of steel structure factory,which is occupying 70-80% of steel structure factory cost and it's also directly effected by steel raw material market price.The different material of steel section and different thickness of steel,the price will be big different.So raw material the one of main reason which is effected on steel structure factory cost.


B,Design factor:

Reasonable design to save raw material is the fundamental factor to control the cost of steel structure factory.Different designing schemes will have important influence on the material usage of steel,and directly effect on cost.



1,Foundation design:

There is closed relationship between foundation design and geology of steel factory's location. Foundation construction period is occupying 25% of whole steel factory construction period,and foundation cost is taking up 15% of steel factory cost.So it's very important to pay attention to local geological report,and choose reasonable foundation type,which will have positive effects on controling the section of foundation and save cost of steel factory.

2,Steel beam design:

The rectangular beam is the most common flexural member,which is usually used when design,but the material usage is very low.On one hand,it's because material stress near the neutral axis is low.On the other hand,the beam bending moment is changing,according to the length of beam.As most part of section beam has low stress,and material is being used very well,unless axis is under stress,the material usage could be improved.Therefore,we could replace rectangular beam with plane truss,and plane truss is equal to empty beam,which could reduce the redundant material and increase the material usage.In this way,it could be economical and light weight.Also it could be develop into truss space and material usage will be highly improved.

3,Steel column network design:

The distribution of steel column network is to make sure the steel column span and distance,if it's under the allowance of technology requirement,it's better to choose small span portal frame will be economical.Under normal circumstances,the best span of portal frame is 6m-9m,if there is no requirements for big tonnage crane,economical span of steel column is usually at 7m-9m,and it's not suitable to be over 9m.If over 9m span,steel material usage of roof purlins,crane columns and wall purlins system will be added accordingly,and which will make the cost uneconomical.Because layout of steel column network is reasonable or not,will have huge effects on steel factory cost.

C,Construction&Installation factor:

How long the construction period is,it will effect on steel structure factory cost,because whether installation technology is skillful or not,it will be main reason for the period of construction.Constructing the steel structure factory is one system project,which involves many factors,like installation period,policy change and the projects,etc,all will have effects on the cost of steel factory.


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