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What Are The Factors Affecting The Quality Of Color Roofing Sheets?

Apr 28, 2017

There are many steel buildings,but still you will see some of the steel factories' color steel sheets are rusty metal textures,also you will see some of the steel warehouses' color steel sheets are longlife and still in beautiful color.So what reasons are effecting on the color metal sheets' quality?As is well-known,color steel roofing sheets are corrugated by color steel plates,so the most important critical to quality is the color steel plates.Hereby,we will explain the different types distinction of color steel coils,which is connecting with the quality of color metal claddings.


If you check the rusty metal textures on color steel sheets very carefully,the coating surface is peeling,cracking,fracturing and the coating powder is disappearing,then rusty appearance come after wind,rain and sun.So actually the one which decides the quality of color roofing sheets is the manufacturing technique and coating layer of color steel plates.The structure of color steel plates are made by cold rolled coils,zinc coating and Al-zinc coating,chemical conversion coating,priming painting and facade painting in most case.When the color metal sheets have non-easy falling out coating,also sunscreen,anti-corrosion and weather-proof function,this means it's high quality metal claddings,and have good priming and facade painting.In a word,the coating types play vital role of the life time for color steel sheets.

Here we will introduce some coating types and distinction between them:

1,The fluorocarbon PVDF coated color steel plates,it will at least have 20years' quality assurance.Because the chemical bonds of PVDF have strong bond energy,which make coating have excellent anti-corrosion and color retentivity.So if you choose PVDF coated color steel sheets,at least 20year's quality assurance.

2,The high resistant polyester HDP coated color corrugated steel sheets,it will at least have 15year's quality guarantee.Since polyester HDP has toughness,high molecular weight polymer,stable structure and not easy photolysis, hydrolysis,it could keep good color looking and anti-corrosion,when it's significant climate.

3,The silicon modified polyesters SMP coating steel sheets,it will at least have 8-10years' quality guarantee.Because there is not toughness of SMP,comparing to other two kinds of coating types,this one will be a little bit common,but price will be better.Also SMP coated steel sheets have good outdoor durability and wear resistance,so it also becomes one common and regular choices of color roofing sheets.

To choose the color corrugated steel sheets,the using environment will have effects on life time of color steel sheets,so you should know your local climate very clearly and then decide which one is the best for your local market.


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