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What Is A Metal Sandwich Panel

Oct 28, 2017

What is a metal sandwich panel?

EPS wall sandwich panels joints instruction.jpg

Metal sandwich panel for wall sectional drawing

Metal sandwich panel is one kind of usual used retaining steel structural products,also called as steel sandwich panels,insulated sandwich panels,fireproof sandwich panels,etc.To divide panel types,we could call them as per core material,such as EPS sandwich panels,PU sandwich panels,Rock wool sandwich panels,grass wool sandwich panels,etc.


Part 1.sandwich panels types:

How to divide?Name
Core materialEPS sandwich panels
XPS sandwich panels
Polyurethane sandwich panels
Rock wool sandwich panels
Surface materialMetal sandwich panels
Non metal sandwich panels

Part 2.sandwich panels applications:

PU sandwich panel installation.jpg

Panel application:

These panels is widely used in steel buildings,like steel warehouses,factories,light weight steel villas,prefab houses,clean room,cold room,etc.


Part 3.Panel loading reference:


Product packing


Product protection


Product loading

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