Prefabricated Temporary Buildings Structure And Transportable Green Small Prefab Homes For Sale

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Prefabricated Temporary Buildings Structure And Transportable Green Small Prefab Homes For Sale

Instruction for Modular homes:

Temporary Modular buildings or Small prefab homes are produced in sections in a factory setting, indoors, where they are never subjected to adverse weather conditions like your typical stick-built homes. 

The individual sections or parts can be moved and deliverd from factory to customers,with the factory's quality control department checking them after production.All the finished building parts are packed and protected,then we can send to your place. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, joined, and can be completed by your local builder.

Standards for Transportable Green Prefab Homes:

We have received orders from Australia,USA,Philippines and have one professional design and engineer team for your dream houses.And they can follow your standards and requirements to make you satisfied.

Surface and finishes:

Modular prefab houses can be assembled on top of multiple foundation surfaces, such as a crawl space, stilts (for areas that are prone to flooding), full basements or standard slab at grade. They can also be built to multi-storey heights. Motels and other multi-family structures have been built using modular construction techniques. The height to which a Temporary modular structure can be built depends on jurisdiction, but a number of countries, especially in Asia, allow them to be built to 24 floors or more.

Exterior wall surfaces can be finalized in the plant production process or in the case of brick/stone veneers, field applications may be the builders' choice. Roof systems also can be applied in the field after the basic installation is completed.

Installation of modular buildings in site:

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Our service:

(1)One professional sales team will offer you full set service,no matter before or after-sales;

(2)One rich experienced engineer and design team can offer you professional advice for both connection technology and building designs;

(3)We are manufacturer,and surely can offer you competitive price for you projects.

Founded in 2001, China Steel New Material is well-known as one of the top 10 steel structure brands in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our suppliers can offer you quality and stable prefabricated temporary steel structure buildings offices and homes at low price. Please be free to place an order, we will offer you the best service and timely delivery.