Galvanized C Purlins

Galvanized c purlins are acting as roof or wall support for steel buildings,also could be used as structural frames for perfab houses or light weight steel villas.

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Galvanized C purlins

1.What's C purlins?

Galvanized C purlins is one kind of cold rolled steel frames,which is widely used for supporting roof and wall of steel buildings,such as steel warehouses,factories,prefab houses,lightweight steel villas.Because it's lightweight and low cost,many people like to use it for their own steel buildings.

2.Steel C purlins applications:

Among a variety of housing construction,prefab house is the larger beneficiaries of galvanized C purlins,not only prefab houses can choose C-shaped steel frame,but also it could be used as brackets,beams made of this material.In addition,it can also be self-assembled into lightweight roof truss,brackets and other building components to meet different requirements.

Light weight steel villa (5).jpg

3.C purlins specification:

4-140HPUK4195.jpgModel         Size(mm)          Sectional area   Theoretical weight
              H      B        A       T       CM2           KG/M
C80       80     40      15     2.0       3.64          2.86
C100     100    50      15     2.5       5.5           4.32
C120     120    50      20     2.5       6.25         4.91
C140     140    60      20     3.0       8.64          6.78
C160     160    70      20     3.0       9.84         7.72
C180     180    70      20     3.0       10.44        8.20
C200     200    70      20     3.0       11.04        8.67

4.Steel C section frame joint drawing:

Common C section frame joint points are as follows:

5406021_1 拷贝.jpg

5.C purlins packing&loading:

Packing in batches:





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