Metal C Purlins

Metal C Purlins typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave, and support the roof decking or sheeting. The metal C purlins are in turn supported by rafters or walls. Purlins are most commonly used in Metal Building Systems, where Z-shapes are utilized in a manner that allows flexural continuity between spans. Saving in steel up to 40% Saving in construction cost up to 30% Light Weight reduces handling and transportation cost Sections are supplied in exact length and pre-punched holes, there by reducing wastage of steel and fabrication cost Saving in construction time Close tolerances on sectional dimensions due to process of cold roll forming Economy due to reduction in dead weight on the main frame structure Ability to span long lengths Metal C purlins can fast to erect and easy handling Assured dimensions and straightness No site drilling/cutting required Tailor made section lengths lead to no wastage and speedy erection Types for metal C purlins as below: C80; C100,C120,C150,C200.. Materials for metal C purlins: galvanized, Zn coating from Z60g to Z270g Length for metal C purlins: base on container's length, Max length is 11.8meter Any more info about metal C purlin, you can mail me or add my whatsapp:86-13850094894 or skype:jennyzhang821113 Thanks so much for your trust and supports.

Product Details
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