Polyurethane Foam Sandwich Panels

Polyurethane foam sandwich panels is usually used for cold room,clean room and steel buildings,because its good heat and sound insulation,high fireproof level,and neat looking.

Product Details

Polyurethane foam sandwich panels:

1.Product introduction:

Polyurethane sandwich panels are also called architectural polyurethane insulation sandwich panels,also known as leakage-proof sandwich panels,polyurethane foam sandwich panels,polyurethane composite panels, PU panels.It is a wide range of potential, highly efficient energy-saving building envelope materials,but also a newly promoted type of energy-saving panels by the Ministry of Construction department.

Polyurethane foam insulation board as a composite sheet, mainly for industrial kitchen, logistics and warehousing, integrated housing roof, maintenance system,etc.

2.Product packing:

loading-PU Sandwich panel for roof.jpg

Usually we make one plastic film on panels to protect it from crashing each other,and then pack polyurethane foam sandwich panels in batch,and loading in containers.


3.Product specifications:


PU wall sandwich panels

PU roofing sandwich panels




Steel sheets thickness(mm):


PU density(kg/m³):


Effected width(mm):



PU thickness(mm):



Max 5.8m for 20GP container

Max 11.8m for 40GP/HQ container

4.Product connection ways:


5.Product application:

In general, polyurethane sandwich panels can be applied to almost all kinds of different architectural needs, including industrial buildings, public buildings, composite houses, decontamination and other construction areas.

6.Product advantages:

1) Low thermal conductivity Polyurethane sandwich panels composite thermal conductivity of small, good thermal insulation properties, is the best insulation material.

2) Beautiful board, easy installation

3) Fire resistance

4) Non-toxic and tasteless

5) Wide temperature range

6) Waterproof, moistureproof

Polyurethane sandwich panel looks beautiful, the overall effect is good, it set the load-bearing, thermal insulation, fire protection, waterproof in one, and without secondary decoration, quick and easy installation, short construction cycle, good overall efficiency, with good cost performance, is a Wide range of uses, high potential energy-efficient building envelope materials, but also a newly promoted type of energy-saving panels by the Ministry of Construction.

7.Tightness analysis of PU sandwich panels:

Roof panel advantage:

Polyurethane roof panel with dark nail connection, the board lap tightly.

Unique waterproof tank design, effectively prevent the infiltration of water, and to avoid the cold bridge phenomenon.

40mm peak height, which greatly enhance the roof bearing capacity. In ensuring the insulation effect of buildings at the same time, effectively reduce customer construction costs, roof slope as low as 3%.

Wall panel advantage:

Dark nail connection, no exposed screws on the surface, beautiful and smooth architectural wall.

High flexural capacity, wall superior mechanical properties, reducing the dependence on the auxiliary steel structure.

Insulation performance, reduce the cost of building air-conditioning installations.

A variety of appearance effects, beautiful walls.

8.Construction site of PU sandwich panels:

9.Product Q&A:

1)Question:How to send inquiry about the PU sandwich panels?

    Answer:1)Please send directly through this product page;

                  2)Please send e-mail to manager@sxggsteel.com;

                    3)Please add What's app:+86-13559086380(Name:Alina).

2)Question:How could I get exact price of PU panels quickly?

    Answer:Please let us know the following details:

                   Steel sheet thickness(0.4-0.7MM):

                   PU thickness(35/40/50/75/100/150/200/250MM):

                   Panel color:

                   Panel length:

3)Question:If I don't know which type of sandwich board we should use,how to do?

    Answer:Please let us know if you have project drawings,we have professional engineers here to offer advices for you.Or you could let us know which kind of buildings you would like to build,and our engineer will offer theire advices for you.

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